Superintendent's Corner

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Alijah, posing with the Women's Group at Westar Energy.

Westar Energy has a group of women who gather monthly as a source of professional development. This month they invited me to speak to them. I brought along Alijah, a senior at Highland Park High School to listen to my professional lessons learned as well as learn from this group of women in the working world.

Thank you for your invitation and support of the Topeka Public Schools
Dr. Tiffany Anderson, Superintendent of Schools

Friday, August 18, 2017

The First Day of School

In life, we have many first - steps, words and birthdays to name a few. Among those first are the first day of each new school year. As the first week of school winds down we wanted to share a few of those first day of school photos with you.

Thank you for supporting Topeka Public Schools!

Dr. Tiffany Anderson

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Wow what a week

Have a great 2017-18 year. At convocation this week staff were welcomed back by retirees, community members and students. The poem our student speakers recited and spoke about is called Dream Big Dreams and it is below. Thank you for putting Students First in all that we do!

Dream Big Dreams! 
By Douglas Stewart

Can you imagine being on the moon,

Or can't you see past the roof in this room?
You must take things beyond what you can see.

You must look past what is handed to you and me.

What is here are the essentials of life.
The bare minimum, which can lead to stress and strife.
But look beyond what seems to make sense.
Go ahead and peek over that real tall fence.

For what you find out there, beyond this place
Might just bring a new-found smile to your face.
For dreams are free, they don't cost a dime.
If you try, you'll like it and it will help pass the time.

See, the limits we have put on ourselves
Are from giving in to peer pressure and putting our dreams on a shelf.
Are you going to accept the status quo?
Or are you going to go where no one else goes?

Our dreams are what drive us and bring out our best.
They're the lights that guide us when we're put to the test.
Go ahead, dream and follow your heart.
You might be surprised and to others look smart.

To dream is true freedom, expressed in our minds.
Let's see where they take us.
Maybe we will end up successful 
And heroes of our time.

Most of all, achievement (no matter what shape or size)
Started as a dream in someone's inner eyes.
Remember dreams are free, so jump in … get your start.
Who knows where you'll end up when you follow your heart.

A better place, a better time.
A better world we can find.
The answers all lie deep in our dreams
Locked up in our minds.

Thank you for supporting Topeka Public Schools!

Dr. Tiffany Anderson

Monday, July 24, 2017

We are looking forward to the first day of school on August 14, 2017. This is such an exciting time of the year. It's our mission to prepare, engage and inspire students. This year we have our new Jardine STEAM Academy opening and our career center (TCALC) is underway. It will open in 2018. Our parents have made these projects possible through the bond project and we greatly appreciate the support. The collective energy form parents and our school based partners will help Topeka as we prepare our students and build on to our strong foundation for the future.  

Remember our first day back in school is August 14th and this year our school supply list is posted at Walmart on Wanamaker and it's on our web page. We really missed our families and staff and we look forward to seeing you when you return.

Thank you for supporting Topeka Public Schools!

Dr. Tiffany Anderson

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Learning and excitement through the summer

Pre-K learning at Williams

It is the end of June and the final week for several of our summer camps. Students have learned so much during these four weeks from photography to drama techniques, to painting, and athletic fundamentals, just to name few. We thank all of the parents that signed children up to participate in the Summer Enrichment programs. We hope everyone had a fun and enriching experience. 

Music Camp
Our staff members are also learning new concepts as many remain involved in staff development throughout the summer.  We thank the KNEA for offering workshops this summer that teachers enjoyed attending. This summer we have also been teaching educators locally and nationally about the innovative strategies we are using.  As examples, French Middle School was highlighted on ways we use our new 1:1 technology program. Click here to watch the clip

Football Camp at Hummer Sports Park
Topeka staff will be teaching others ways to have a trauma sensitive school by presenting at the Trauma Sensitive School Team Summit at the Kauffman Center where I will serve as the keynote, and Mrs. McKenzie, the educational leader for the early childhood programs and her staff member, Ms. Keefe, were published in a local magazine on the topic of trauma this month. Through the various outlets our educators are teaching other educators ways to support students in any school district. 

Summer Enrichment Art Camp
June has been a month filled with so many new learning opportunities.  Thank you for helping us have a great start to the summer and happy July 4th

Thank you for supporting Topeka Public Schools!
Dr. Tiffany Anderson

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Dr. Anderson Presents Nationally on Trauma and Equity

Dr. Tiffany Anderson is presenting nationally on topics focused on health and wellness and on closing achievement gaps. This month she was invited by the Kellogg Foundation to train their board and Battle Creek, MI educators on practices she has used to lead trauma informed initiatives in her past and in Topeka. Following the training, TPS staff are in the process of submitting a grant to Kellogg for funding for early childhood programs and expanding early childhood family health services. Today, Dr. Anderson has joined leading researchers and authors to present on intervention services in schools. While some TPS educators are training this week at KU on tiered intervention strategies, others are in Utah, being trained at a conference on equity. Staff members are also recruiting teachers while at the conference. The link to the conference can be viewed here: Truman Medical Center in Kansas City will host their annual conference focused on mental and behavioral health support services for students at the annual Trauma Sensitive Schools Team Summit where Dr. Anderson will serve as the keynote. To learn more about Trauma Sensitive Schools through Truman Medical's Behavioral Health unit click here.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Celebrating a fantastic 2016-17 year

Thank you for the commitment and dedication to our students. I saw many of you at the various end of year events these last two week, I just had to take the time to wish you a relaxing and fun summer vacation with your family and friends. Thank you for helping make my first year so incredible. Congratulations to all of our schools as we celebrate the improved KAPP performance in math and in reading at every grade level this year. Take time to enjoy the summer with your family and friends and reflect on the many positive experiences this year.

Our theme for 2017-18 is Students First: Building for the Future as we build onto the successes from this year and prepare to open our new Jardine STEAM school. It is an exciting time in Topeka!

I have shared my end of the year video message with my school family and want to share it with you as well.

Approach every day with the kind of joy pictured below like our kindergarten students do daily!   See you in August!

A look at our some of our 2017 graduates. Congratulations!




Thank you for supporting Topeka Public Schools!

Dr. Tiffany Anderson